Does fear of rejection keep you from doing things that deep down, you really want to do? The thought of being judged by others can sometimes feel overwhelming— what will they think if I fail?

And there are so many forms of rejection, too.. dating rejection, a professional rejection, or even rejection from a total stranger on the internet. No wonder so many of us try to play things safe instead of taking chances.. But does that really serve us in the long run? It doesn’t. When you let the fear of rejection rule your decisions and take over your life, you’re giving away your power. You might not even notice it.

Rejection, though it stings, is one of the best ways to reroute your life and hold fast to your goals—while taking back your power, but embracing it is easier said than done. Here are some ways you can let go of your expectations and embrace rejection for the opportunity that it truly is:

1.) Tell yourself that it is not all over when rejection happens. The world has not ended, and you still have a life left to be lived. Simply realizing that your life will go on and there will be other opportunities can go very far when you adjust your perspective.

2.) Use rejection as an opportunity to evolve. Like we say in our coaching programs: Realign Rigorously. Rejection is an opportunity to do just that—adjust your sails and go in a different direction. Who knows, you may just find what you were meant to do.. Many times, rejection is just what we needed to find our true path.

3. Adjust your focus. When we see obstacles as challenges, it forces us to get through it with a problem-solving mindset. Instead of trying to get “around” the obstacle, we feel determined to rise to the challenge and emerge victoriously. You can do hard things, you can solve problems.

4.) Realize that the judgement of others is imminent. People will judge you regardless of what you do. The minute you take people off the pedestal is when you begin to live your life free from the fear of judgement. It is your life to live after all: You have the power to make your life into whatever you choose.

Life is an art and you are the artist. You have the ability to take back your power and paint a masterpiece.