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Influencing with integrity is the guiding principle behind the Inseitz Group, a Northwest Arkansas consulting company. Founded in 2013 by Dr. Becky Paneitz, the Inseitz Group is a consulting firm that specializes in leadership training, organizational development, and board relations. They provide clients and partner organizations with trustworthy, quality leadership and counsel.

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Our programs for women help them to acquire the tools they need to enrich their personal and professional lives with a holistic approach

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Inseitz Group Coach Feature

Dominique Seitz has over 25 years of experience leading change in companies of all sizes. As an accomplished professional, serial entrepreneur, and champion of people, she discovered the virtues of a growth mindset early on in her career. Her vast experience has given her insights into how people change and grow, both personally and professionally. Today, she is the founder of Designing the Journey™, helping people all over the world navigate through transition and create lasting change so they can live their best lives.

Dominique’s contagious energy comes from faith, family, and nature. She and her husband have been married for 25 years and have a son. When she isn’t helping people design their dynamic, fulfilling lifestyles, she loves spending time outside under a shade tree with her family, dogs, and chickens.

Dominique Seitz

Dominique Seitz is the founder of Designing the Journey™

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We took the NWA Leadership Pledge!

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By taking this pledge, we are demonstrating our organization’s commitment to addressing systemic racism and promoting a more equitable and inclusive Northwest Arkansas region.

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Inseitz Group Making Headlines

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Dr. Paneitz Featured in Forbes

Unreasonable Request: Name A Building After Me
Stephanie Burns Contributor

Dr. Paneitz talks to Forbes about knowing your worth and having the confidence to put yourself out there in order to acheive your goals.

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PLE Program Highlighted on 40/29 News

More women running for office in Arkansas

Dr. Paneitz talks to 40/29 about the rise in the amount of women running for political office, empowerment, and the desire for women to have more say in legislation.