Coaching Program for Women in Transition


The “Understanding Coronavirus in America Study”, released February, 2021, shows that women continue to face higher levels of unemployment and psychological distress than their male partners and they are still taking more responsibility for child care. “Women continue to disproportionately suffer the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. This could have important implications for the recovery of the economy and represent a significant step back in gender equality,” according to Gema Zamarro, 21st Century Endowed Chair, University of Arkansas, College of Education and Health Professions.

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To address the pressing need for women to return to normalcy after the Covid-19 pandemic , this program is designed to help them to gain awareness of their personal areas of strengths and opportunities in the skills important to work and life success.


The MERIT™ Profile assessment is a tool utilized to identify participants’ behavioral and character profiles so they may better understand areas of strengths and opportunities for improvement. After completion and interpretation of the profile assessment with their coach, during their first session, participants will study and engage in topics to help them reflect upon their core values and will be aided and encouraged by their personal coach to capitalize on strengths and address weaknesses. Upon completion of the program, participants should have an understanding and the training to perform the soft-skills needed to excel in their personal and professional lives.

The coaching program is based on the following key soft skills for achieving authentic success based on ten MAXIMIZERS™ Principles.

  • Make Things Happen

  • Achieve Personal Significance

  • X-out the Negatives

  • Internalize Right Principles

  • March to a Mission

  • Integrate All of Life

  • Zero in on Caring for Others

  • Energize Internally

  • Realign Rigorously

  • Stay the Course

Program Design:

The Personal Leadership Effectiveness ™ Women in Transition Coaching Program includes the following activities:

  • Read the book “Achieving Authentic Success” by Dr. Ron Jenson.

  • Meet with assigned certified PLE coaches in person/virtually for six coaching sessions during which you will review your MERIT PROFILE assessment and complete your personal mission statement and your personal/professional life plan.

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