“Great things never came from comfort zones.” ~Anonymous

Your “comfort zone” can be used to describe many areas of your life, both personally and professionally.  It is a place where you are—well, comfortable.. But, what happens when you get out of your comfort zone?

By stepping out of your comfort zone, you’re giving yourself room for error, but also space to grow as a human. We all make mistakes, but out of those errors, we all make crucial steps forward and learn how to do better the next time around. Growth doesn’t happen when we remain comfortable and secure in our surroundings, it happens when we force ourselves to face situations that may feel uncomfortable at first.

“If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.” ~Anonymous

Think about how you made your first real friend.. There were likely uncomfortable moments in the beginning that made you question yourself or even made you feel embarrassed, but out of that brief moment of discomfort came the most beautiful friendship you wouldn’t have even known had you not stepped out of your zone of comfortability.

It can be like that with your career, too. Many of us get comfortable with a predictable outcome and even start to fear change, even if it’s for the better. Accepting a promotion can feel scary because of the unknowns that come with it, but out of those unpredictable elements, your growth could be exponential!

“By leaving your comfort zone behind and taking a leap of faith into something new, you find out who you are truly capable of becoming.” ~Anonymous

Here are some tips to help you Take Back Your Power and Take the Leap:

  1. Consider each question you’re asked. Saying no is okay too, but take time to think about each opportunity before coming to a conclusion. Sometimes we are determined to say No before letting ourselves imagine otherwise. Being open to change can be huge.
  2. Make a decision today that was different than yesterday. It can be small, like walking to your mailbox instead of grabbing your mail from the car on the way home. These subtle changes can make the day seem more adventurous and open us up to more options than before!
  3. Write down your concerns about larger leaps and weigh the options. If your fear is the only thing stopping you, take small steps towards your large goal. Reward yourself per step! If an obstacle happens, you can always pause and take a moment to collect yourself. Progress is anything but linear, and that’s natural.
  4. Tell yourself that you can, and give yourself permission to fail. Failure does not mean it’s the end, but rather that you’ve progressed enough to learn “how not to,” which is further than you would have gone without trying at all!
  5. Be optimistic. A positive point of view can get you through any difficult times you may face.

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” ~Anonymous

You never know until you set foot on uncharted land. Take the leap you’ve been pondering about!