We’re all busy people with busy lives. We each have appointments, work projects, and other goals— and if you’re a parent, the business doesn’t just double… it’s exponential! The commitments we each have on a daily and weekly basis can keep us from forming intimate relationships with others, which can leave a void in our lives. Whether we like it or not, having relationships with others helps to keep us in balance, and it complements our lives.


“Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows.”~Ben Stein


We may just think that we don’t have time, which usually isn’t the main reason.. Typically, we just don’t put in the effort because we’re preoccupied with our own goals and wants. Really connecting with others is done intentionally and is essential to creating lasting relationships.

Deeply connecting to others can help you feel more present in your own life, too. As humans, we’re all reliant on others at some point in our lives, so connection to others is woven into the fabrics of who we are. These connections to others can bring so much more meaning to our lives.


“If you go looking for a friend, you’re going to find they’re very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you’ll find them everywhere.”~Zig Ziglar


One of the most important ways we can grow in connecting with others is learning to actively listen and understand. Many times, as others are speaking, we’re waiting for our turn to talk.. This is not connecting—it’s conversing, and that’s a main reason why many of our relationships can be so superficial. Connecting begins with listening!


“Listening is about being present, not just about being quiet.”~Krista Tippett


When you listen to understand, you’re showing others that they’re important to you.. and this is the foundation to building deeper relationships.


Here are some tips to take back you power and begin to build deeper relationships with others through conversation:

  1. When your friends or acquaintances speak to or confide in you, don’t simply wait for your turn to speak. Seek to understand and picture what they’re saying. Make an effort to empathize and ask questions about their topic that make them feel understood.
  2. When communicating with others, ensure that you’re being clear by maintaining eye contact, conveying your subject in a tone that matches your intent, and using body language that brings your energy to what you’re saying. Communication is heavily reliant on body language and tone, so make sure you’re exuding confidence!