Restrictions and limitations are not always negative. These barriers can be seen as assets to help us solve problems in a new way that we may not have understood otherwise.

Have you ever worked on a project, planned something big, or tried to solve an issue and ran into a limit you hadn’t foreseen? It probably took a lot of brainstorming and creativity to come out successful after running into a brick wall like that. Sure, giving up is easier, but there is so much potential for success wrapped in the illusion of limits!


“The only thing you have control over is your perspective. You don’t have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it.” ~Chris Pine


Constraints can generate clarity and stimulate creativity. Many of the greatest inventions are here because of the limits and constraints the inventor ran into— that’s life! Sometimes the path isn’t as clear without barriers there to show you where to spend your energy and guide you to success. Limits can be beautiful.

“But how can I use constraints to my advantage and find creativity through them with intention?..”

By redirecting your perspective to see constraints as assets, you open the path for creative problem solving. Learning to live within your limitations and embracing them as tools to reach your goals will bring you power, depth, clarity, and purpose. This starts with understanding when you’re dealing with a barrier, flipping that perspective and understanding your ability to use it for inspiration..


“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” ~Mary Engelbreit


Here are some tips to help you take back your power and begin seeing limits as assets:

  1. Determine if you’re dealing with any outside barriers.. whether it’s in relationships, projects, or other areas of life. To do this, ask yourself if the roadblock is something out of your control.. If the limitation is out of your control, it’s time for an inspection of the situation.
  2. Discover what you can control. What aspects of your situation can you improve? Are there any questions you should ask others to make the situation clearer? Get as many answers as you can. Others can possibly see solutions that you may be unaware of. Second opinions are incredibly valuable.
  3. After this inspection of your circumstances, there should be clear barriers—Now you can spend your energy building where you are! The limits are there, and your guidelines to success are in place. If there are walls and limits all around you, you can always build upward, and perhaps that’s what is truly needed.