When the goal is excellence, struggle and adversity are imminent.

We all have deadlines to adhere to. We all have a million tasks to complete. Sometimes we seem to agree to more tasks than we can handle, and the load of demands keeps getting heavier.. and that leads to exhaustion both mental and physical.. All too often, we start getting burnt out.

The amount of responsibilities on our plate make the world feel heavy, and the load seem unbearable. When things feel this way, it is so tempting to just quit entirely and feel free: Quit the struggle and enjoy all the extra time and all the stress-free feelings. Quitting feels like the only option we have when our stress is through the roof.

But, what if we could prevent this feeling altogether? Maybe we wouldn’t feel the need to quit if we just learned to rest.

“If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit” ~Banksy

This quote advises us to know when to rest in order to avoid quitting on our dreams. Rest before the struggle becomes unbearable rather than facing the consequences of burnout.

To quit the struggle and retreat back to our comfort zone appeals to us—but it is during these times we have to learn to rest rather than quit. Life will place us in situations like this all the time, all we have to do is decide to rest, rather than to give up.

The mind will trick us into thinking we can’t keep going—but, when we learn to rest, we’re training ourselves to understand when we need to recharge. Resting is healthy, especially during times of stress in other areas of life. We can keep pushing through and make life all that we want it to be.

An exhausted mind won’t help us get ahead. If we’re too exhausted to add to our goals, we need to take a rest, regroup, and come back to our tasks with a fresh mind. It makes all the difference in the quest for success.

Feed positivity to the body and mind. During times when we need to rest, it is important to feed ourselves with positive thoughts. Resting does not mean we have failed. Resting does not mean we’re bad at our job, or that we’re less of a person. Resting means that we love ourselves enough to give ourselves some grace. It means we believe in our goals and we understand that rest is important to overall success.

In the meantime, it is important to learn to say no (we’ve covered that subject in one of our past blogs) to certain tasks or opportunities that are too overwhelming so that we can focus our energy on priorities, and get those in line first and foremost.

Remember: Rest, don’t quit!